Black ops 2

I have my perks set up as Blind eye,Cold blooded,Hard wired,Engineer not the best set up I know...but I am being killed by all air support and showing up on UAV is anyone else having the same issue or problem???,I am not that great at the game but even worse when my perks don't there a game issue or something I am not aware of any help and advice is welcome cheers.


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I'm not sure myself but have you checked the Black Ops 2 boards in link above? you'll probably get more info there, good luck!

None of them perks make you immune to standard UAV's, ghost makes you not appear on radar but only if you constantly move. It's still possible to be killed by player controlled air support even with those perks, you're just a lot harder to see. Chances are you were close to a teammate who didn't use cold blooded and got taken out as well.

Yep only ghost allows you not to be seen by uavs and its more than likely you next to someone who doesn't have cold blooded hence why air support is killing you

Thank you for replies I did think its because of another player so tested it by playing away from the crowd I was still killed,Its frustrating I know im not invisible on the game but I do rely on a perk system to help me a little,maybe trying a different mode,different perks might enhance the fun of the game.