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Hi all, I'm after a bit of help. I am giving my daughter my old 360. She has a GT set up (silver) and I still have all my old arcade games on the console. Is there any way she can play them on her tag? When I log into her profile and start for instance Peggle it is not the full game only a trial. If I start it on my tag it's fine. Apologies for being a pleb :)

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It's all to do with DRM. The content will be locked to your gamertag and the console it was bought on. You need to transfer the licenses to this console to make them universally playable.

Or sign her into xbox live if you cannot transfer the licenses

Cheers lads, did the license transfer and now have the nice task of re downloading the titles so it will recognise them on her account, but all sorted :)

Re-downloads are very quick as it only really needs to refresh the license.

Glad its sorted for you buddy :)

Thanks for jumping on this peeps. <3