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Does anyone know of some bio art that features Animal from the muppets?


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I Don't think it's possible to put the muppets in your bio. It IS possible to make a bioart , though. You can do this by either setting your language to Japanese and then editing your bio ( gives you access to characters that are not available on other languages ) or you can just download bio creator and copy & paste it to your Xbox bio. NOTE : Offensive and/or hateful bio's are against the Code of conduct and Terms of Use and might even get you banned.


You can find bio art all over the internet. Just do a search for "Xbox Live Bio art". Make sure what you pick is appropriate and isn’t the robot middle finger like everyone else uses.

i m trying to do my bio dnt no how help

I have to admit.....I actually had to look-up what bio art was.......

This question made me happy as well. =D Kermit bio art... lol

This question made me happy.. and then I was sad again when I realized I didn't have a good answer for you. I was actually looking at bio art today, you can find a lot just by typing "xbox bio art" into a search engine... however, I haven't seen any that fit what you're looking for. Good luck and happy gaming.

wow is that a random question........I wish I could answer it and tell you where to look.