Billion dollar company - Cannot afford integrity

Bought an Xbox One last year around Christmas, luckily I bought the replacement program because I had to return it to the shop back in August.  My controller suddenly started drifting up when I was playing a first person shooter game today.  I went online, tried to find a solution, did the updates...nothing worked.  Checked online again and it says that it needs to be replaced...only problem is the warranty ran out TWO days ago and they say I have to pay to have it replaced.  Granted, I understand that warranties cannot last forever, but the fact that this is not such an uncommon issue that there is actually a forum for it and it is obviously a design flaw!  So now, I have to go and buy a new controller because even though Xbox knows that this design flaw exists...they will only cover you for 90 days.  TOTAL BS.  When I bought my car and the realized there was a design flaw...they EXTENDED the warranty because they have INTEGRITY.  Good job Microsoft.  One of the richest companies in the world and you can't even stand behind your product.  


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How do you know this is a design flaw exactly?