Since November I have not been able to purchase items on Xbox live. Xbox has no problem charging for Xbox Live Gold. Nothing stops that :P.


I originally called and through the discussion nothing was wrong with my account. I was told to call my banks and check it out and also update my addresses.. I have 4 different methods of payment on file. Two separate cards, and two separate PayPals (one being a friends just to see if it would work). I called my bank and my bank checked out just fine. I confirmed my address on Xbox as well as my bank. My bank had let me know that Xbox was authorization was accepted, just no money was being charged. Meaning the bank had accepted the possible incoming charge. Nothing wrong with the bank.


I called back, Xbox had told me this time I had "Risk Lock" on my account and it needed to be turned off. I went through the steps and was told to try to buy something in a few days.

 Didn’t work. I call back to Xbox support and I was informed that the last person didn’t actually turn it off. They then attempted to shut it off.. same process. Wait 24-48 hours.


Tried again. Did not work.


I tried the IM feature on Xbox Support. I was a completely different reason why my account was not working. I was told that I had an outstanding balance from 02-20-2011 three years ago. And that this charge three years ago was why my account is not working. Logically, I’ve been actively using my account for three years…with no trouble… and it stop full functionality 11-2013. This make absolutely no sense. I had the IM archived and emailed to me.



I then immediately called Xbox support. This was the worst experience I’ve had with phone support in recent memory. The associate did not fully understand the Xbox product and she didn’t really listen at all to what I was saying. I mentioned the above story and she basically “skimmed” what through my words. She wasn’t listening to me at all, till I got upset. After she came to a new conclusion. That back in April of 2013 my card was declined and this is why my account in November stopped working.

After a conversation that went in circles about how that makes perfect sense, I brought up “Risk Lock” she wasn’t sure what that was. That’s really not a problem, but why not ask a supervisor for help at this point?

She escalated it, I receive an email saying its been fixed. I tried to buy something. Didn’t work.


Please help. 


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