Big The Cat & XD DLC

Sup guys, Im just getting back into sonic Adventure and was just wondering, HOW THE HELL DO YOU COMPLETE BIGS FISHING LEVELS? IVE TRIED LEVEL 1 FOR ABOUT AN HOUR LAST NIGHT AND THE DAMN FROG WOULD NOT GET ON THE ROD! *Rant Over*

And I saw the DX DLC for 400MSP and it says it comes with 60 extra missions and Metal Sonic,Can I play as Metal sonic straight away or would I have to unlock him?

Thank you guys!


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Big the cat has some tougher (or more annoying missions) firstly you need to make sure you have the upgrades, some are in levels and some outside and near about, then in the level cast near to where froggy is and wiggle the stick, not too much but enough to make some vibrations in the water, you can tell this by the fact froggy or fish near by will turn to approach.

When Froggy bites and you get the message , move the tumbstick down to yank the hook in and press reel to get froggy on the hook, once you've got it hooked try to only reel when froggy is facing towards you and when he's pulling try to only reel once in a while to try and get him to turn, you can however move the tumbstick to waggle the line which can help turn froggy round. (A good tip is right at the start Life Bigs bed up to find a better line.

The DLC is the DX edition add on, you have to unlock metal sonic and the extra missions are mainly challange like missions on exsisting levels.

all right thank you, Looks like ill leave the DX DLC.........Or do you unlock MS by completing all campaigns or all 130 emblems?

and Thanks for the Big suggestions!