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So for 9 years I've been an Xbox Live Gold Subscriber, very proud of my stats, my achievements and the overall experience of the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. I'm what you might call a Big Gamer. I've joined, suscribe to The OXM and GI magazine and frequent my local Gamestop so much that they know me by first name there. So before my 9 years of Xbox Live I was a fan of the other consoles that were a major part of my life growing up. Now that I'm older and still an avid Gamer I want to show my Love and support for the games I enjoyed playing over the years up until today. And that is where I find my problem. I'm not only a Big Fan of games, but I'm also a Big Guy. I'm a 4X in all my shirts and even though I'm not morbidly obese but do weigh 350lbs. it's damn near impossible for me to find t-shirts and apparel that will fit me. COD shirts in 2x or Halo shirts in 3x is not big enough. I can wear wallets, bracelets, chains, hats, wristbands and that's about it. I can collect posters and fridge magnets and other forms of gear but when it comes to shirts or hoodies, I'm left feeling two sizes too big. I mean I can't be the only Big Gamer out there. I've looked all over the net for plus size clothing for gamer's but the biggest I've seen is 3x that's skin tight folks and heaven forbid I raise my arms up :) So my question to you avid Gamer's is where do I go, besides a gym or subway(even though I Love Subway, just not the way Jarrid does). I spend nearly $1000 a year in games for Xbox 360, plus accessories and app fees over Live. I'd be willing to spend more if I could only show my Love for the games and developers that make these works of art. I mean it's crying shame that my Avatar has better gaming clothing than I do. Thanks for your help. 


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Big and tall...

[quote user="Roadkill4YaHead"]I'm a 4X in all my shirts and even though I'm not morbidly obese but do weigh 350lbs. [/quote]

sorry to say but Unless you are a bodybuilder,that is morbidly obese.

^You can't say that w/o knowing his height & his muscle mass.  Don't be mean.  

which is why i said "bodybuilder",i am not being mean.

You know I was at least expecting some sincere replies. I'm not handicapped I don't have double elbows or 3 chins. I have big shoulders and muscular legs. I'm 5 8. So what if I am morbidly obese, I ain't gonna die anytime soon and I have a very physically demanding, on my feet 8 hours a day , FT job. So with that being said thanks to Frag Monger for being polite and *** the rest of ya'll for being so typical.

I know a 'big gamer', he's 30 and 20 stone (280ibs) and 6.4 tall.

I wanted to get him a Halo T-shirt for Xmas, but couldn't find one big enough. I couldn't find a shop (high street or online) that sells anything in his size. It is a shame but promoters pump out game related clothing in the interest of making money.

Hey there Roadkill, I too am a large gamer being 6'1" and around 340, this was due to my 2 herniated disks and spinal damage limits my mobility. Anyway back on your topic, Society does seen to cater to the 2X on down crowd. I'm not sure of a consistant store to buy large shirts with a game motiff, however if you have a Burlington Coat Factory near you, check there once in a while.  I've have found shirts their reletively cheap as high as 5 and 6X.  You won't always find shirts with a gaming theme but I have seen them there once in a while so its very random but at least it's a chance. Cheers! :)