So maybe it's me but bf4 feels really weird I was good at bf3 but it feels like a muddy version of bf3 I bought this like 5hrs ago u think. Gamestop would let me swap it in for another game? Doubtful but it's just a thought

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Muddy? You joking?

You talking about the One version?  Cause no way in h e l l it is muddy, game is crisp.

BF4 looks awesome, same with DR3.

The game is awesome but the problems with multiplayer are downright inexcusable. I have been kicked from far too many games. It is sad I can't be in the same game with friends even though there are 10 open spaces. According to xbox, my internet is fine and my nat is open. They need to clean this stuff up quick.

Agreed. I hate getting kicked out of games. It pisses me off. Its beautiful though. Definitely not muddy lol

BF4 is having major issues across all platforms.  It definitely was not ready for release.

Last night yes you couldnt actually use the choosing servers as they were all empty and had to play via quick match,my m8s and myself played for 5/6 hours straight,in full 64/64 conquest , large conquest and domination and td,with no problems,so where are these major issues?yes the mp is running at 50% play wise,I would totally agree with you if you couldnt play at sure in a couple of weeks it will all be sorted.