So, what's up with Battlefield 4? I am really thinking about purchasing this game but heard there is some serious issues with it. Are the issues just with certain modes? Or does it make the entire multiplayer experience unplayable? Basically, should I wait or are they minor issues that are easily dealt with?


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This thread should provide you with enough feedback about the current state of the game. It seems to me most people are still finding some minor issues but are loving the experience. I'm sure DICE will continue to support the game.


I would not wait if I was you! It is still an awesome game. 32Vs32 is chaos

It has problems but it's still great and worth getting - best thing to do is ensure you're network connection has an open NAT setting, I finally got around to sorting that out and it made a massive difference.

Great game but possibly the worst launch ever. DICE really need to ditch EA - it's just ruining their name and that isn't fair because they really are great game dev's.