BF4 Xbox One and 360 Online Crossover?

So from the post on Monday (June 15, 2015) about the Xbox one finally being able to be backwards compatible and all these other features to be released late.

Was curious to this specific part:

"Play against Your Friends on Xbox One and Xbox 360: Starting today, you can play against your Xbox 360 friends on Xbox Live, whether or not they are in the preview program. Just invite them to a party in the Xbox 360 menu and jump right in. Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers can play the same game at the same time, against each other." - Xbox Wire Staff Post

I was wondering if this contained only the Xbox backwards compatible games so far or if it meant that if we both had the same game, we could now play together.

Battlefield 4 is one I play with many friends on and they all have 360's due to other games that are not available on Xbox one (hopefully soon will be). Was wondering if I got another Xbox one, if I would be able to now play with them on the 360 servers while I am on the one?


Hope this makes sense. Thanks




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Only backwards compatible games as far as I know

You would need to be playing a backwards compatible 360 version of a game on the xbox one in order to play with friends who are on a 360.

As Battlefield 4 is available on the xbox one I wouldn't think the 360 version would be made backwards compatible.