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so i'm looking once again for more bf4 buds :) i don't like conquest and my current group tends to do that some days and i just don't want to destroy my skill level so i steer clear of it. i'm lookin for players who hold a solid 1.0+ i don't expect you to carry the team just to not be the reason we lose :) off games are acceptable, it happens to all of us. i am holding a 1.5, and a 297 skill level atm would love to have more ppl in that range :D note, this isn't me abandoning my other friends just wanting more that are tdm oriented. 


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I'm just the guy you are looking for then. ATM the only thing I play is TDM, at least until we get mic adapters that work with my Astro A50's. I am picky with map selection so I might not be playing on each map with you. If on the east coast BTW.

i used to be picky on map selections but i just learn them all now and eventually do better overall, i added ya hmu sometime.ill be on later this evening :D