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I'm just after a bit of feed back from anyone who is Premium or has purchased this pack. I did like Metro and Firestorm on BF3, is this map pack worth purchasing? It's a real shame they did'nt include Seine Crossing with this as that was my favourite.

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i agree 100% siene crossing was the best map in bf3 :D shame we don't have it.

I'm 50/50 on it. I have Premium so I get all the DLC, but I love anything that has to do with B2K and Oman is a favorite of mine. Firestorm is pretty good also. Caspian has it's moments, but unfortunately I hate Metro. One of my favorite BF3 maps is Bazaar.

I just watched a video review, oman looks amazing. I gather the Metro is a small conquest, not 64 players then, as in the video they said it has the same 3 control points. Why they didn't use the extra map space from rush and include 2 extra points is a missed oppurtunity. I'm gonna buy it later tonight, got China Rising free with the game but after playing on 2 maps didn't like them much. I'm loving all the standard maps though, only one that doesn't suit large conquest so far is Locker, always get stuck at same choke points and pretty much have to play support class in that map.

Metro def is 64 I know as played it same as locker. My fav maps on the second assault doc is firestorm and border both very stunning my only grip is the snipers on the tower on border