BF4 - PS4@900p, XB1@720p. BUT WAIT....

Digital Foundry has just released a preview of the upcoming face-off between next gen consoles vs PC with Battlefield 4. DF have officially confirmed the the PS4 version does indeed run at a higher resolution than the Xbox One version (900p vs 720P). But WAIT! If you look at the actual comparison screens, the Xbox One version actually has sharper looking textures. 

Digital Foundry: "But the differences we saw don't just stop at resolution. Both versions are treated to post-processing anti-aliasing too, seemingly equivalent to the refined, high setting on PC. However, this doesn't tell the whole story. As you may notice in our screengrabs, the actual results on PS4 lack the corresponding level of crystal clarity we'd expect of such a significant resolution boost. This should surely be a home run for Sony's console, but what is likely to be a software-based upscale to 1080p delivers less-than-stellar returns, and for better or worse leaves the Xbox One with an often crisper looking, albeit much more aliased image."


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Looking at the frame-rate analysis of the game, there are indeed times where the PS4 holds a more consistent frame-rate. In one scene the PS4 was at 50FPS while the XO version dropped pretty heavily to 36FPS. PS4 also seems to come off a bit more washed out/brighter (something could maybe be fixed by tuning your settings) while the XO version looks a lot darker (crushed blacks which the Xbox 360 also had  problems with in some titles. Tomb Raider comes to mind). Ambient Occlusion is also being reportedly missing from the XO version.

Thin objects such as power lines look a lot cleaner on the PS4. So all in all, the PS4 definitely wins this comparison. Much higher resolution, ambient occlusion, less jaggies, more consistent frame-rate. Still getting the Xbox One version... But there you go.

lack of AO on a lower frame rate really worries me. That is a key feature in modern gfxs.

Here's another good comparison vid. Both systems look good. Can't go wrong either way.


I'm impressed with both. Much closer to PC than i had expected.

Interesting how the Xbox One version is visibly better looking in areas far away from the POV and general textures.

More bad news incoming. It also appears that the DF X1 footage was either doctored or messed up on capture based on the above link. Really worried about the X1

No tears in the slightest and no need to respond. I'm sure any x1 fan will be more than happy with that. I actually think it looks far better in terms of details and texture than the ps4 but they're pretty close to be honest. Kinda funny watching all the excuses come trotting out.. DF messed with the footage now? Then I click on the video gamer link and the first thing the guy says is that he's messed with the image? Still, there are bits where you can see buildings through the dust on the x1 footage that are simply not there in the other one and no amount of tweaking by IG Sony N can fix that. Geez even Half of GAF agrees that the X1 is better overall?

Look I really don't care as I'm not buying either but I'm really pleased for all the X fans on here who've had to put up with constant *** for the last few months. With regard to crushed blacks on x1, that too is easily fixed by altering gamma and contrast settings. The new scaler is fantastic on the X and eliminates the blur that their competitors have. I think PS better hope that they get their precious 1080p native because when it comes to upscaling, the X1 has em completely licked IMO!

50% more powerful?.. Not from where I'm standing. Each to their own though.

based of pixel count alone its (ps4) 50% more powerful....that doesn't factor in better frame rate and real time AO pass.

if you cant see the difference then that's good and you don't have to worry or think about it, but it you mostly play 3rd party games and money is a issue.....Sony destroyed xbox.....personally i just hope Xbox doesn't lose MLG support on most 3rd party games.

I've seen a few videos now comparing the Xbox One and PS4 versions. I think BOTH look incredibly good, a lot nearer the PC than I expected.

The big kid in me is loving some of the posts on Neogaf, all been banging on about 30,40,50% more power, now trying to explain where it's all gone because there's no evidence of it in these videos ;-p

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