BF4 is taking forever to install

Ok so I just got my xbox one, and had 2 questions. One, how do you use the snap feature? While trying to use the guide, it showed a guide for the snap feature, but wouldn't let me actually use or read what it said. 

Second I have been trying to install BF4 for about 30 minutes now, and had kind of figured it would install much faster. I figured I'd play a bit of campaign while I waited for the rest to download, but I can't do even that. 

Is something wrong with my xbox? 


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Most apps can be snapped by saying "Xbox, snap <app>". You can unsnap by saying "Xbox, unsnap" and resume whichever full-screen activity you had. You can switch between your snapped app and your main app by pressing the Home button twice.

Your BF4 install includes downloading an update, which will take up the bulk of the time and not reflect a high percentage of your installation percentage. 

yes BF4 takes a long time to install. I think I was able to play the campaign around 10-15% or so