Bf4 battlelog no longer supports xbox 1 internet browser??

Ok so i just tried to go to the battlelog to change my load out and open a few battle packs

but all you get is a message saying get a more modern internet  browser ??

Is This is a joke or what?

I dont have a pc and the phone app sucks

Why is the xbone browser not the latest version anyway?

It worked fine up till today

All in one system with out of date internet browser lol

Whats next ? I ask coal powerd control pads?

Sorry but this has really annoyed me




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You'll still be able to open them in game but I appreciate that's not the point.

I'm sure they'll get this sorted but MS are having such a push to force people to use Windows 8 that they think making XP and Vista incompatible with the latest versions of IE will cause us all to run out and spend £500.00 on a new PC... instead of simply sacking IE for Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Isnt the xbox ones browser ie10 anyway?

Or whatever version there on now

You would think it had the latest version out the box as its only a few months old?

It a pain to do your load out inbeetween rounds.

Also make using the bf forums impossible.

Had an message from battlelog saying this will be fixed in next weeks update

Good news.

I didn't think a glaring error like that would last too long.

Still no fix

There saying next week again but thats what they said last week

still no fix i can find....if someone knowsc how please inform me---oper8er27/bf4