BF 3 BETA Alapa

 anyone get this code for august the 1st just had it in email and redeem it aswell got the code for pc version for bf 3 beta :p check ur emails :P people


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Seeing as you have brought it up ( I wasn't going to due to the NDA  restrictions applied to it )  yeah I got one out of the blue for the PC version yesterday.

I then spent 5 hrs trying to get the  game to load up , first of all I had to logon to Origin which for some reason wouldn't accept my P/W then when I had sorted that out I tried to run the game and got the message that my graphics driver was not good enough , my Nvidia GF9700M GT on my lappy was actually up to date but to run the aforesaid unmentionable game :-) I needed to run at least DrVers 275 .39 so I spent some considerable time hunting it down on tinternet but it would load not properly and kept failing so I eventually found my way to the NVidia beta drivers page and loaded up Vers 275.50 which only failed on an unnecessary part (the auto update feature I think ) then and only then could I load the test game.

I was only able to play for about 45 minutes  then my missus made me go and eat food but I must say it looked pretty damn good for an alpha. 

I had/have a few things to report back to them which I cannot mention here but if this looks and plays half as good on the console IMHO it will be hard to beat.

I got my alpha invite about a week ago, but I just gave it to a friend as my PC has no chance of running BF3.

ye i mite give away my beta key since my laptop crap lol least will still have beta for xbox tho :)

So are the invites to the console Beta being sent out now ?

well pc ones are which is alpha but xbox beta not till september :(

I believe that some MOH people have had there emails in prep for it later on. I may be wrong but I believe it's then going to be an open beta a while after so effectively the MOH guys get a little head start.

Also was lucky enough to get the PC alpha invite, I can just about run it on my laptop, tis all good :)

BF3 will have an open beta on consoles in September.

Open beta in September, game comes out in October.

99.9% of console betas these days are just demos renamed to make you feel special. You actually are testing nothing but your desire to purchase the game.

Not completely true, these "betas" can help the developers see how there servers are holding up and wether they net to upgrade anything network wise.

Yeah, usually a Beta that close to release is to test server strain.

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