Gamertag is HeY im TragiiK        and i signed up and my status is active but still no luck not even an


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Bearing in mind how many signups are being processed right now, including the NDA that need to be signed before anything else can happen...patience is called for


Give it a few days, maybe a week and emails will be sent out. Wait for the emails and remember they are working on US time not GMT, so you might get an email over night

Ok lol i thought that like we were supposed to get some kind of code to send the update to the console..

No, and it would have been explained during the sign up sign up, if accepted then an NDA will be prepared for you to fill out and sign, then an email confirmation will come back and the process will start from there.


Was never going to be done in a matter of hours, if accepted then it will happen, just got to let the process worth through

Well thanks for your reply =]

Yeah they process all applications then have to have all of the NDAs made up and emailed out. Those then need to be signed by the applicants where they have to be processed again. They then have to email everyone taking part the process on how to get there codes to download the preview programme app to there consoles. From that point it takes 2 days to have the consoles registered onto the correct system then from that point your looking at waiting till the beta is rolled out to your console.

From personal experience this whole process takes approximatly 3 weeks.