beta program Questions

Hi guys i cant get on the forum so ill ask people on here 

Am in the beta program as it says HI this xbox is registered for the preview updates. 

Now my Question is what am i looking for on my console that am testing?

Am getting no friends online notification

is there a list of what am checking for?

is there an app am suppost to jump into 


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Do i need to now wait for my console to update with the new update?

Go to Settings> System. There should be an update waiting to be activated there. Also by default friends notifications are Favourites only, change that in Settings.

No mate nothing in settings

i got email code last week i used code downloaded the app.i than signed up it said wait 24/48hrs to be accepted.i than checked the app and it says

Hi messiahBrowny your console is registered for preview updates.

invite friends

or leave program

So any ideas why am not seeing the preview update.

I have done the hard reset etc

The current preview wave, which I am on, is effectively close to finished and I'm pretty sure it's locked now. You will just have to stick with the regular Dash until a new preview update comes out. For reference, we are on 1404 now, whereas you are on 1403 until 1404 rolls out to everyone. When 1405 preview comes out, your Xbox will update automatically to 1405 within a couple of days.

That clears that up thank you

Any ideas how to view the forums been getting page not found

If you can't access the dashboard preview section of the forums, it sounds like you might not have been added to the program, even though you got an email saying you've been accepted. I think you're best off speaking to a moderator about that, as they can look into it for you.

I got email about being accepted and then i downloaded the app and that says am part of the program

I have the same problem