Best Xbox Live Gold Deal

Just wondering if there is any good deals for 12 months Gold membership at the moment?


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Haven't seen one of the dash.... did get the wife 3 months for £6.99 i think it was?

i got 2 months for £2.

you always get a better deal if you let your gold run out,it takes a few days but its worth it.

i have paid £8.50 total for the last 6 months and i got 800 free msp`s in one of the offers.

So if I wait a deal might appear on the dash? I've never let me gold expire before, but I wasn't paying attention and it did :(

Pretty much dude. It seems that once your live runs out they then put an offer up. Pretty bad for the customers which renew at the full price.

you will get an offer as soon as the gold expires and it will say limited offer to try and get you to buy quickly.

i have found by waiting the offers get better but thats up to you if you can wait or not.

Well, my forum tag is saying I'm still gold, yet I got an email saying it'd expired. Hmmm.

still says gold on my FL too buddy

Electronic First Lav. I got 14 months and a free Gears of War gun code for 32 quid. Reliable site too, and email and take paypal.

they have that pack in asda and tesco too,with a weapon skin code as well.

Don't think I'll be going with any 12 month memberships again, the amount of offers they have on the dashboard when it expires it seems pointless forking out £32 in one go.