Best WIRED Surround Sound Headset?

I'm in the market for my first surround sound... well, anything, really. I've never had a surround sound setup, and my current living situation doesn't allow for speakers. So, a headset is my next choice. However, I have a wireless router on the floor before me, and a wireless network range expander in the room I game in, so wireless interference will likely be very high. Due to that, I'm looking for a wired headset (or wireless if it has very, very good reviews that state wireless interference is non-existent).

I can't seem to find any good WIRED surround sound headsets. I just keep coming up with Stereo/simulator combos. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Well, unless you buy the most expensive Tritton headset out there, everything is Simulated Surround Sound via a Stereo Headset. True full surround sound requires more than two speakers. To be honest though, many have said Simulated Surround Sound headphones give better positional audio than True Surround Sound headphones. If you are looking for wireless, the Turtle Beach X4s (not X41) are great wireless IR headphones which interfere with nothing since it isn't RF. Personally, I'm using an Astro Mixamp now with a PC headset so I can use it on computer as well. The headset I have has an expanded frequency response so it has no problems with the lows and highs plus it has no distortion at max volume. However, my combo fetches a pretty price.

I'm using the dx12 basically the wired x12 headset with the dss for 7.1 the sound is amazing but I'm experiencing some left ear pain which I didn't get from my x11s I'm Hoping its because they are new

AXPRO is easily the most feature rich actual 5.1 headset. Dolby Decoder box that can output 3x3.5mm for PC surround sound setups that don't do digital in. If you want you can even do Pro Logic II to stereo headphones. In line remote makes changing the volume amazingly easy. The tie in to Live chat works great. More comfortable that most headphones even though they bulky. Mic is removable and he length puts it right where you need it and the pickup is clear. Headphones have a disconnect right above the inline remote so you can detach them and store them and just coil up or push the excess wire behind your entrainment area. Also PC and PS3 compatible.


Emulating 7.1 from Dolby 5.1 the 360 outputs to stereo speakers can do a great job of positional emulation using HRTF. I have Senhieser PC 160s, Sony MDR series, and a couple different noise canceling Sony on Ear and Ear buds for stereo audio. On top that I have the Creative Audigy 2ZS and two Audigy X-fi cards. You can get a really decent simulated experience especially if a game leverages all it can in the audio effects department in PC games using anything from A3D to EAX 5.


I haven't had a stereo headphone setup that came close to a headset with four discreet drivers per ear though. Medusa 5.1, Roccat Kave, Tritton AX360, and AXPRO produce sound that is just so much more fulfilling for games and the Tritton AXPRO is the next best thing to my surround sound setup. Great for games and movies, but of course sound dull when you aren't gaming or watching a movie with 5.1.

I've actually compared the ax pros with the x12 dss and the dss actually sounds a lot more clearer and well it give me a better sense of positional sound

X12 Turtle beaches are good for a budget.  It has adjustable bass boost, game volume and chat volume.   It is wired but DAMN that wire goes a long long way!  You can buy a upgrade for it that will add 7.1 surround sound