best way to upgrade xbox 360 games to Xbox one.

What is the best way to upgrade Xbox 360 games like BF4 and COD Ghosts?  Got them for Xmas last year but do not want to spend $59 dollars again to upgrade them.


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you answered your own question.... the only way is to buy them.

Ghosts had a cross-buy option when purchased digitally on 360. You could buy the Xbox One version for $10 more. That was only available until the end of March.

BF4's upgrade option was to trade-in the physical 360 version for an Xbox One version at GameStop. That was only valid until Nov 28th.

The lack of upgrade offers isn't much of an issue now. The Standard edition of Ghosts is $19.99. The Standard edition of BF4 is $24.99. Combined, you'd be paying less than $45 to get both on Xbox One and you get to keep the 360 version of each.

Icestorm has the correct information. But I must ask how would you be paying $59 again if they were gifts?

Thanksicestorm. You are right. Amazon had the exact prices you quoted. Ordered. X24 no need to be a a$$.

How is stating the obvious being an "a$$"? You never payed for the games to begin with. Therefore you won't be spending any money "again"