best way to transfer saves from old hd to new hd?

Im trading in my 250gb slim for the gears one on tuesday and was wondering what is the best way to transfer over saves.

I was told in game that i had to use an external hard drive but do i just transfer over my saves from my two profiles or do i need to transfer over the gamertag with them too? i was going to just transfer over the saves to the external hard drive then when i get the gears xbox download my gamertag and then put the saves off my external hard drive on the new xbox. can i do that?


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You can use the upcoming Slim to slim transfer cable to do the transfer or you can use either a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

However you will only be able to use a maximum of 16GB.

So you can move everything over to the USB flash drive or external hard drive (including your gamertag) or you can only move your game saves etc and then recover your gamertag on the new console. Then move it again from the USB to the new console

I wish someone would make this a sticky, im sick of seeing this same thread daily