Best TV for Halo and CoD?

I recently purchased a cheapo TV from Best Buy and am experiencing major input lag and motion blur when I play fast-twitch games like Halo Reach.  I am planning on returning it and purchasing another.  I'd like at least a 32 inch but would rather not go larger than a 40 inch.  I would like it to be 1080p but frankly 720p would probably be fine for me seeing how I can't really tell the difference on screen sizes in my range.  Oh, and I'd like to stay below 700-800 dollars.

I'm particularly interested in hearing from folks who play Halo Reach and/or CoD and can attest that their TV has no input lag or motion blur.  Suggestions on which model to buy?   

Many thanks...


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Howdy. I've recently got a Panasonic TX-L37G20B , it's 37 inch , got 4 Hdmi ports and it can be used to plug HD component cables in too. Great Tv , though has a slightly annoying Buzz , but while playing you don't notice it. Have a look on Amazon for it mate , seeing as i'm in the UK and you're in the US.

It's a very good Tv with freeview and freesat Hd built in. It's quite and old model now though and fairly expensive , lucky me I got mine cheep.

Good Hunting mate.

Do you have the right settings on your 360?  I had a friend help me with that.  I've played both games on my DLP TV, 1080p and I use a HDMI cable and had no problems with lag or anything similar.

Thanks Frankie and Chickin...

I've tried every possible iteration of settings for both my xbox and my tv at this point.  It looks best at 1080p with my hdmi cable (no surprise, I guess).  I've also tried 1080i and 720, and tried using my composite cable.  Nothing makes it better.

I don't have this problem when I plug everything into my 22-inch LCD.  I was just hoping to get into something bigger.  But when your reticule moves (and stops moving) a fraction of a second behind when you want it to it can be quite frustrating.  It feels sort of like my spartan is slightly intoxicated when I play halo.  :-)

Just fyi...ended up buying this one this afternoon.  It's absolutely amazing!  And no more input lag...

SWEET!  Not sure how much I helped by I tried.  I got this on sale in Dec. and sold my 55" for $400, making this one cost $1100., man...that's crazy!  Your video game characters must be damn-near life-size!  

@TDL...yeah, pretty much.    The screen measures 66" x 37".