Best Premium Theme?

i always buy alot of themes and change them prob every wk,  so i was wondering what people think is the best premium theme and why,  my fav is this 

and can anyone recommend other themes that are similar to that as want more sim 2 that, i like bright outdoor 1s,, i don't like ones that have the name of the game in the screen at the top, feel like it spoils some great themes,,



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Al the ones I have bought, have the game name at the top. Borderlands is prob my fave.

Best one in my opinion is the Monkey Island 2 premium theme. Or the Comic Jumper one you unlock with the arcade game.

I'm not a member of themexbox, which theme did you link too?

Oh, and the MtG Premium themes are cool too.

The Castle Crashers Premium theme,Not a huge fan on the Game but the theme makes me lol

[View:]  that's the other link 2 c if u not a member

Holiday theme 2008, nice and christmasy

So does anyone no of any themes that are similar to that 1

Meaning this.  [View:]