best place to buy an xbox ONE? (warranty wise..)

Hi Guys...I am ready to pull the trigger after selling my 360, selling my Day One console for a profit and being without an xbox for 2 months...My question is where?...Costco, with unlimited returns, but a PIA as you have to return everything.....MS with MS Complete warranty covering 3 years (which I kind of like as it is transferrable...something that is interesting when you sell the console on EBAY)....Gamestop with the PRP?.....Can I get some opinions..esp on MS Complete?


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Go with games stop. Great no if or buts warranty and return policy. You pay for what you want. I have never had one issue with the warranty and return for another 360 ever.

COSTCO...2 years on all electronics

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COSTCO...2 years on all electronics


Actually, it is better than that...the 2 year for electronics are part of the 90 day returns for PCs, ipods, camera's etc....XOBOX are covered under the satisfaction guarentee which has no time limit..

I did the warranty through Microsoft, like 75 bucks after tax and protects console, kinect and 2 controllers for 3 years (2 years plus the 1 year from purchase. Must be within 45 days from purchase date.

Microsoft Complete - Xbox One - 2 Year

Covers hardware issues for 2 years from date of device purchase. In the event of a device malfunction, plan provides an Advanced Exchange replacement option at no additional charge (no upfront charge; credit card hold required and charges apply if original unit is not returned). Also covers up to 2 controller replacements during the coverage period. Exclusions apply. Review contract terms and conditions for detail.

Has anybody seen the Xbox One in a Costco?

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Has anybody seen the Xbox One in a Costco?


  I did quite a lot of research, calls and FB an answer from Costco that most warehouse will have them in stock 1st week of feb....

got mine from square trade

Think I am gonna go with Costco....replacement any time is too much to pass up. I also liked the Microsoft Complete for 3 years...