Best Indie Game?


I don't tend to play Indie games for long or generally get into any of them but...

I thought Avatar Battle Bees was a really good concept and a good laugh too.

Anyone a fan of Indie games, have a favourite or play any of them regularly?


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well i don't know about what the best indie game is.

i like streets of fury hehe


I had a quick go on that. Quite fun :)

the avatar series of games are quite good sometimes

Yeah I like being able to use my avatar in a game. I'm really glad they let you do that in Bomberman Battlefest but then that's an arcade game. I'll try to keep on topic :)

my favorites so far from the vast wealth of ones I've tried.

Kodu gamelab - one of the more pricey offerings but considering you get something capable of creating these

video 1

Video 2

also coming with dedicated game sharing servers so you can upload your creations and download other peoples 400 MSP for a game thats essentially Wario Ware DIY meets Little Big Planet on 360 is well worth it.



A nice little platformer game made so much more amazing by the dynamic lighting system, a true example of how mood lighting can be used so well.


Epiphany in space

An old school text adventure with a new age twist, no more game over and you can simply turn back to the last decision and redo it. Plus the twist of the game being an amazing comical piece of work as it parodies a large number of sci-fi series.

Heres a few of the bits I've found in it so far that have made me laugh.

oversleeping graduation

Knocking your academy instructors wig off

"Most Weapons don't have an 11"

and theres plenty more parody in it.

Ah cool, I'll have to check them out.

i will always say fish racer arcade. its a great game for a room full of drunks.

other games i've bought are kodu game lab. a great little piece that you will spen hours on especially if you're a bit ocd.

the other one i got was military sniper simulator. this is where i end up if i'm stressed as i find it very calming.

a couple of games i didn't end up buying but that i would recommend are beat hazard and i thin k it was called king spray, which is probly one of the best graffiti sims i've ever used.

Applejack I want your seed.


Breath of Death VII

The Impossible Game

Toy Stunt Bike

Just to name a few

Ahhh the good ole indie games.

Try without a doubt LaserCat.

Followed by

Apple Jack

Blocks That Matter




Rainbow Runner


Decay Part 1-4

Clover: A Curious Tale

There are SO many good ones amongst all the crap, best thing to do is give em a trial and see what takes your fancy.

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