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Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on what headset to purchase for the Xbox One. I have a budget of £100-£150, there is quite alot of headsets out there so I have no clue where to start. Appreciate some feedback on popular/good ones please! 


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With that budget you can easily pick up a pair of Polk 4 Shots or Turtle Beach XO Sevens, both of which are newly released for Xbox One. I haven't used either personally but I've generally heard nothing but good things about either, I guess it's just personally preference.

Perhaps you could read a few reviews, take a punt and see if you can find a store with a try and return policy.

That's a nice budget. I've heard good things about the new Turtle Beach Atlas. Very good things. Best to look them over for yourself- specs, price, and watching a few unboxings couldn't hurt either.

From what general information can be gathered, the Atlas headset is just a pretty looking XO Four. I was going to buy one but I've been put off by this. Unless you really want to make your setup as Titanfall inclined as possible, you might aswell save £30 and get the standard XO Four or spend an extra £10 for a generally improved headset.

Personal research is definitely something that you should do though no matter what people tell you. You could always find that a cheaper headset suits you perfectly and you'll be left with £60 to get a new game and some beers to drink while you play it.

The XO four & seven are both only stereo headsets though right ?

Yes the controller only outputs stereo currently, but it will be outputting simulated surround sound, with a software update in the future. The simulated surround sound is what many of the surround sound headsets do.

You may have seen some pictures of the headset with a wireless transmitter, in most cases they are stereo headsets that simulate the surround sound. They are expensive, and you will still need to plug in the mic to the controller anyway. Even more expensive are the actual surround sound headsets that have multiple micro speakers in them, I think this option is not within your price range.

I would go for the X07's or polk 4 which is the high end of your budget, and wait for the simulated surround update to come out.

PS. the stereo headsets can still hear footsteps behind you etc :)

*EDIT probably should say build quality is why I would get the more expensive headsets, and make sure they have 20hz - 20khz range :)

Interesting, would you say there is a marginal difference between the sound quality of the X07'S and one of these virtual surround sound headsets you are talking about?

I assume I'll also need to purchase the adapter for the controller for the X04/X07's as well ?  

Agreeing with the post above, in my experience of even the low end stereo headsets, they do the job great and you shouldn't have any trouble with them at all. When the surround update lands, things will only get better.

Something like a set of Astro A50s (pretty much the best headset about) is well out of the price range by about £100 and until surround sound through the adapter is supported, there's going to be little to no difference.

According to the Turtle Beach website, both the XO Four and XO Seven come with the headset adapter in the box. I believe the same goes with the Atlas and the Polk headsets.

Okay I see, great that the adapter is added in the headset then. Well, I'll have to do some research between the XO Four & Seven to see if the Sevens are worth that bit extra.

Is there any ETA on this surround sound update through the adapter?

Thanks for the help so far guys!

my opinion, stay clear of the polk 4 shots...they just arent developed right for the system they're selling them for...not sure why they are selling them when voice over sound doesnt work in some games i tried them on.  Not being able to hear your team mates is kind of the WHOLE POINT OF A HEADSET for me.  WTH polk audio? drop the ball much?

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