Best HD option for my LED TV


I have few questions about HD settings of my xbox:) srsly I'm a noob in HDTV options so I just want tto ask you:

1. Why my xbox test 50 Hz setting when I choose 1080p in display menu?

2.What is the best option for quality of image in Reference levels menu(standard, intermediate, expanded) on LED TV?

3. What is the best option for quality of image in HDMI color space on LED TV?

I will be thanksfull for every info thanks:)


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1. When you choose 1080p and it asks can you see it @ 50hz choose No, then it will select 60Hz.

2. Depends on the Make/Model, i usually choose intermediate, but many TV's can look different, just pick what looks best to you.

3. YCbCr709, this is used for anything HD.Having said that, you should leave it on "Source", that way your Xbox won't do any conversion to the signal, and your LED TV will handle it, as Games are usually RGB, with HD Video being YCbCr709.

What he said lol ^^^^