Best deal on a new xbox 250GB in the UK

My current xbox (xbox arcade classic) is breaking as i sometimes get 3 red rings and very often the disc cannot be read. Im out of warranty and will have to pay £120 for a new xbox. So ive decided to buy the new Xbox 360 slim 250GB but cant find the best deal for it, i would like to get either a game with it (preferable Battlefield 3 or WWE 12) or a 12 month gold subscripton. Hope someone is a better video games shopper than i am. Thanks


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Is that £120 your budget for this new console? As you'll have to add another £50 to that for just the console, let alone a game to come with it.

what about this....  scroll down to speacial offers...your getting 250gb xbox + 2 controllers + forza 4 + gears 2 + halo 3 seems good to me

it will cost £120 for the repair on my current console, however i want to purchse the new Slim design one foe £190. my budget is £250 just woundering if i can get any good deal while buying the console.   Thank for the notice i didnt see there was a UK page. nice one

You also might want to post over on the UK boards, where people will have a better knowledge of offers available