Best Buy pre-order ?

Anyone else preorder best buy?

Just wondering when they are sending out emails saying to ACTUALLY go to your order store on the 22nd. I have an email that updated the pre order date to the 22 but that is all I got. And you can't check a status if they haven't charged your card which seems fricken silly.


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Anyway was stoked for it

I have had a pretty decent preorder experience so far. The only thing I feel that could be changed is the ability to allow payments beyond initial down deposit.

Nice. Yeah i msged @bestbuysupport on twitter. he said dont worry it'll be there. i told him i'd poo on his desk if he lied.

no it just said come pick up ur preorder this friday midnight opening blah blah

so im expecting the same stuff next weds, since i did both preorders the same day in june with 25$

I pre ordered at BB, we should be getting an email next week. The orders don't get tagged until the day before.

So wait, did it actually say it was available for pick up tomorrow?

Yeah I saw those reviews and was disappointed. I wanted to go camp walmart tomorrow until I saw Knack sucked.. The only game that isn't multi platformer I wanted.

I just got an email today about going to get my ps4 on friday (which after all the reviews and stuff im not anymore :O)

so im sure i'll get the same email next weds for the X1