Best audio setting for 360?

I just got a new headset and I'm wondering what digital output setting is best?  I hooked this headset to my PC and it gives out really good bass on there but when hooked to my 360 it barely gives any bass at all. I guess what setting is the most immersive? 


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The digital output setting only selects whether you will get 5.1 Dolby Digital sound or 2.0 sound over the digital outputs (optical output and HDMI).

If your headset has an amplifier which supports Dolby Digital and your Xbox 360 is connected to it from its optical output, I recommend setting the Xbox 360 to Dolby Digital.

If you take the sound from your TV and it's connected over HDMI, the digital output setting on the Xbox 360 will only affect the sound output if the TV reports that it accepts Dolby Digital. Otherwise, the sound will stay 2.0 stereo.

Also, when the Xbox 360 outputs 2.0 stereo, the 5 main channels of the game are downmixed to stereo with matrix encoding - that is, the surrounds are mixed into the left and right channels out-of-phase. This lets the surround be decoded by a decoder such as Dolby Pro Logic II, creating an approximation of the original mix. The low frequency effects (LFE) channel from the 5.1 mix is left out though in the downmix to 2.0, as there often won't be enough dynamic headroom for it.

If you listen to the 2.0 stereo output from the Xbox 360 as-is over headphones, because of the matrix encoding of the surround channels, sounds originating from behind you will appear to have an undistinct placement or appear to come from behind you but sound a bit strange. Our hearing uses time differences and phase to determine if sounds are coming from behind us, but the completely out-of-phase encoding of the surrounds in the 2.0 mix is a bit beyond what we're used to hearing in real life.

On your PC, there may also be settings active which boost the bass when you have the headset plugged in, and the overall handling of sound mixing might be different even if you play the PC version and Xbox 360 version of the same game.

Sorry if this got a bit technical, but it's hard to avoid getting into those aspects when determining what the best setting is and why things may sound different from what you'd expect.