Best 42" LCD TV for gaming?

As the title suggests. I'm looking for a 42" LCD TV to replace my 32" Samsung. I have a budget of around £400, stretching to £500 if needed.

Thank you in advance for your help.


P.s. I know there's been loads of these threads. Just couldn't find any.


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It's too early in the morning for me to browse around but, get a Samsung 1080p with 100Hz, you can't go wrong.

How much are the Series 6 these days? I got a stunning 6 Series that now lives in the bedroom.

With your budget you would be looking at a plasma if you really want the refresh rate, most plasma screens run at 600hz but it all depends if you really fuss about a few hz since consoles are FPS locked anyway, you will notice a minor difference with higher hz though.

Realistically you will need to sacrifice something to get a good overall picture within £400, usually functions, sockets or sound.  If you have a surround sound system and just want a decent cheap TV then some of the newer LG sets aren't bad and they're generally the cheapest "big" brand. We have an older LG 42LD450 in the bedroom and for what we paid it's a decent TV, the speakers are a little lacking on the bass so I just have an old 2.1 speaker set in the headphone socket but otherwise it's difficult to fault considering how cheap it was. Looks like you can grab one now for as low as £300 if you fancy saving some cash.

Cheers for the replies.

you have to be careful buying plasma screens when using them for gaming as they can suffer from screen burn.

lcd screens are much better but are usually smaller

might aswell post here (and to piggyback on the post) im moving into a smaller bedroom Yay for sisters moving back home :( so my 50 inch tv is too damn big for the box room so im lookin to snatch a 32 or so tv up i hear nothing but good thing with samsungs though my asda does have some nice looking LG's that i can get discounted :) budgets pretty much the same 400 or so of my not so hard earnt english pounds

i bought a phillips 32 inch from argos last xmas for £400 and its the best one i have ever had.i have had samsungs and sonys and they are garbage compared to this one.

Anybody tried gaming on a Samsung ue55d8000 (I think that's the right model number, it this years 3d LED model with the tiny bezel)?

I really fancy getting one but have no idea what they're like for gaming.

i cant imagine a 3d tv is any use for gaming yet

Hey Baron Spamedia

Did you get the ue55d8000? And if so, do you fell some input lag? especially with shooters like black ops?

I'd give Richer Sounds a go, LG 42" LED 1080P TV's for around the £450 mark!  

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