Benefits of joining a clan?

Hello there i was just wondering what benefits there are joining a clan?

Also what do i need to do join?

Do i need to be good at a certain game?

Do i need to change my gamertag to fit your clan and if so will you reimburse me 800 msp to do this?

What about if i wanted to leave to i have to give notice?

Please can anyone help?


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not all clans are the same it just depends on who you apply for but are as follows.

what you need to do-  after you apply you are put on a trial for a set perioed usually 2 weeks and this is to see how well you get on with other clan members.

Do you need to be good at a certain game- once again all clans are different but most have a veriety of games in which they play.

changing you gamertag- some clans require a gamertag change but most dont its usually your own choice.

period of notice- the only reason you would need to give notice is if you have signed up to a competitive league match.

if you are intrested in joining a clan or just looking for more info feel free to head over to our website where you will find all the info you need.

PLEASE NOTE the clan history section is a work in progress.

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Clans are a good way of getting to know new people, and have fun simultaneously.

If you're looking for one, why not check us out?

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Enjoy your day!

thanks for the info i guess for more in depth info i would need to check out each individual clan for my clanning needs