There has not been much news on this game since E3. It looks like a game that I think the Xbox 360 was missing and a unique game. It caught my attention and am really looking forward to it being released. Here are trailers for those who have not heard about it Horizon

and Gameplay
. Have a really good feeling the soundtracks in the game will be great too. 


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Thanks PUDDIN!

Does that remind you a little of Zelda? I get that sort of vibe from it. Looks pretty interesting and like you say, unique :)

It does remind me a little of Zelda on the Nes. I think the reason it interests me is because I am getting tired of FPS games and I do miss some of the games on the Nintendo like Zelda and Mario because I do not purchase their consoles. Unique games like this and Rime really have captured my attention.

You might like the look of Child of Light too then dude. You seen it? Kinda (in a weird way) has the same feel as BELOW but with a different concept. I know what you mean though mate, too much FPS will wipe you out.

I was looking at child of light the other day. It looks like an interesting concept I am definitely going to pick it up. It is releasing the end of next month .

Never saw that game either thanks Puddin! I will for sure get these now that Bf4 and NFS Rivals have been deleted making room for new games.

I love to try all games regardless of the genre! But i can say i too am bored of the consistant FPS onslaught in the gaming world today.

The trailer for this game literally strained my eyes.  It seems like it would be better as an ios type game.  

If it was on ios or android phones you would need a binoculars to see the character haha. I think it will look great on the big screen. I am very interested to see what news will come out regarding it in the next few months.


Well I meant an ipad or something.  


That's what I meant by Zelda, the original. Kind of flat 2D but I think it might surprise a few. I wouldn't be surprised that an adaption to this came to ios at some point though, if it gets high praise.

As for child of light, I cant wait for it. I have needed a good RPG for a while now.

This one is Xbox One exclusive, no iOS for you.

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