Hi, there are two versions of Bejeweled on offer at the moment and was wondering which version is best? I played the demos and found the UI better on Bejeweled Blitz live but wasn't sure if there was a unlimited mode or not, and Bejeweled 2 seemed pretty good with the puzzle features, slightly better controls but the male voice actor sounded like Morpheus from the Matrix and became annoying after a while.


I'm not sure which version is worth buying considering BBL is 200MSP and the other is 400. What are your opinions?


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well with blitz its just get a highscore within the 60 seconds where as bejewwled 2 is solve the puzzle type game

Although they are essentially both the same game, they play quite differently. Blitz is a very fast and furious game which is great online and very addictive. The normal version is more of an endurance game to see how far you can get level and point wise. Im loving blitz at the moment and think it's well worth 200msp - that would be the version I would choose now if I didn't have both already lol.

Popcap make great addictive games so it's worth checking out some of the others too if you can afford them.

I'd agree with Marknally. I'd played the original Bejeweled in the past and whilst seeing how some people could get hooked on it never found it to be that addictive myself. That said, i'm finding Blitz to be the gaming equivalent of crack at the moment especially as  a couple of my work buddies have also picked it up (meaning there's a constant battle over high scores making it all the more interesting). It's the ideal game to kill the odd 5 minutes here and there (though once it gets fired up I always seem to stay on it longer than I intended to)



To be fair I totally dismissed it when if first got released but for 200MS its cheaper than buying some crappy prop for your avatar . The older version of Bejeweled is getting on a bit now and I've heard they're releasing a newer version of it in the not too distant future anyway so Blitz could be a good stop gap for you until Bejeweled 3 comes out

What are the achievements like on both games? I'd prefer one that isn't totally impossible...

Does Blitz have an unlimited mode at all? The demo version only allowed games up to 1 minute. A 5 min version would be good

There's no unlimited mode on Blitz but the achievements aren't impossible (couple of fairly tough ones though I've picked up 6 already). I guess if there was an endless mode in Blitz you'd have absolutely no need to buy the original Bejeweled


Can't vouch for the other version but I do recall reading that the some of the achievements involved a bit more of a grind

OK, thanks for the help! I think I'll go with Blitz as it has multiplayer and is only 200MSP. I will probably pick up Peggle nights add on as well while I have the chance :D