being threatened with account hack and virus

I was playing Battlefield 2 Bad Company. the offender is [MOD REMOVED]. The first voice message is " Yeah, dude if you dont stop using that  [MOD REMOVED].  gun, your account will be mine by tomorrow and I am not even  [MOD REMOVED].  joking, you already know your a [MOD REMOVED].  newbie  [MOD REMOVED]. if you use that, you  [MOD REMOVED].  at shooting" ... message stopped for duration. So I continue to play and then receive this message " HAHAHA, yeah your account is [MOD REMOVED].  gone tomorrow you little [MOD REMOVED]. you wont get it back... if you make a new one I will put a frostbite virus in your  [MOD REMOVED]. internet and your xbox where you wont be able to play"... again message cut off due to duration. I can be reached via email at [MOD REMOVED].  and would appreciate this guy being punished for this kind of behavior. my account is set up as recreation his is set at pro. He also may be modding since shortly after he left I checked his gamer tag and it said he had been off for 9 hours and it was only about a half hour at most. I have talked with customer service and they suggested I post here, the number is  [MOD REMOVED].  I talked with Josh. I have the voice messages available if needed.


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you need to report on your console ,not on here.

if he was going to steal your account why didn`t he do it there and then?,why wait till tomorrow?

Do what THEOWENKILLER  said. Something also needs to be done about the phone service customer support. So many people post similar questions here and they say customer support told them to post here. It is an extremely lazy answer. It wouldn't hurt for MS to send a memo.

Op, good luck and I wouldn't worry.


First: A mod needs to come out here and delete your personal information and the information you provided on here because you are putting other userIDs on the forum regardless of the situation, that is not permitted according to the forum rules. 

As stated previously, file the report/complaint in the dashboard.

Please read this!

And finally, sit back and laugh at the statement  "I will put a frostbite virus in your  [MOD REMOVED].  internet"   OH T3H NOEZ!

I was told by customer service to do this and that the mods would cover any personal info before allowing to be seen and that this was the only way for the enforcement guys to see it

Please see Harassment, filing a complaint, and managing communication. That will walk you through the steps you need to take.