Being harassed

Please help anyone Im a 37 year old father of 3 and I love to game on my free time but there is a gamer by the name of [Mod Removed] THAT I'VE BLOCK ED BUT HE SEE MS TO KNOW A WAY TO JOIN MY PARTY HES JOINING MY PARTY SAYING MY NAME EVEN MY IP address And my card credit card info on blast can anyone please help in reporting the following gt [Mod Removed]


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You should file a report through the console asap. Here's a link on how to do it.


Sorry but you are not allowed to call out other tags on the forums.  If you believe someone to be doing something against the ToU or CoC of the Live service then use the dashboard reporting tools to report them.

Go to their bio and select File Complaint then follow the instructions.

As for joining parties, if the person is on the friends list of someone in your party they will still be able to join.  Anyone can get your IP address if they have the proper tools on the net.  IP does not, however, give a person a credit card number.  That would have come from yourself or someone that you gave the info to.

If this person is releasing personal details such as that I would report it to the credit card company to have it change and contact your local law enforcement agency to have the person charged.

Yeah how did he get your cc number? lol