Being Attacked by racial remarks contantly writing alot but needs to be seen heard

Certain gamers spam racial messages like the n word or call me *** **** and have their friends do same  ive reported it on xbox block and avoid them and i get my account suspended and they get away with it i know im wrong for getting mad and cursing them out but i get suspended for cursing and what they did was worse using racial terms to harrass and insult players and that person gets away with it cause he didnt say the truth so its unfair and i feel my gamertag bigjoe799 should be un suspended immediatly cause i wasnt at fault i was the victim and the person who reported me should be the one being punished xbox is full of it sometimes u report and they penalize the wrong persons without hearing that persons side of it i was called a *** and told i was a slave and should clean that persons home and be chained like an animal and i get punished and suspended for telling that person to go screw themselves and for using regular profanity whats worse people regarding terms of use violations cursing or harrssing and stalking people with racial terms nonstop ingame and in messagesso the indivduals who suspended my account do the right thing and reverse my punishment and get the real person at fault that reported me tired of people assuming im a *** or *** from what they say and thats how they say it because my gamertag is bigjoe799 or because how i sound on a mic thats all i have to say i know its alot but it needs to be heard and players say im mean annoying and a troublemaker but they drive a person to act like that telling people they cant speak on a mic talking trash or calling people names that are racial related xbox should add a racial related feature when reporting on the console to stop these rascist from being cowards on the net thinking they are superior to people of latin or african decent it gos on alot and needs to be stopped 


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pointless thread.  Use mute or kick them.  

Words are words. There is no need for a "racial" component on the report option. The N word is just as offensive as the F word to some people.


Also, ever heard of just muting, reporting, and forgetting about it? Instead of escalating the matter further.

To the OP - I've been in your shoes. It sucks, but if you intend to game online, you have to a a thick skin so to speak. Some people intentionally do these things intentionally as a strategic mechanism to upset you and get you to play recklessly. Sometimes it's just hate.

I don't think your post is pointless, but if you are reporting already then the above suggestion to mute is the best you can do once you get back online. My friends and I started playing in party chat to avoid this when needed so you can try something along those lines as well. Also try changing your gamer zone in hopes to be pitted against more reasonable people if Underground is too overwhelming (Not sure how effective that would be, but worth a shot if you want to try it).