Behind a cone NAT

I've been having difficulties talking to my friends for near a week now, i can hear them but they can not hear me at all, i am getting told to buy a new headset when i know it's not the problem. i have tried every possible troubleshooting process, i've tested my network connection, removed and added the account back, reset my xbox, completed a factory reset of my xbox, updated my controller, and also port forwarded, and none of the steps work.

If anyone can be of any help whether they've got/had the same thing happening to them, or whether you know a fix for this i would appreciate the help greatly as i'm completely out of ideas and extremely frustrated.


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Is your NAT open? If it is then it might be that your mic , how do you know it's not? when looking at the party  and you talk, does your icon light up like it's picking up audio, do you have a Kinect?

Yes my NAT is open, and yes the icon lights up, i've also tried it with kinect and the same thing happens, so i know it's not the mic.