BBC: "We'd love iPlayer on Xbox"

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BBC: We'd still love to have iPlayer on Xbox Exclusive: As PS3 gets the brand new version



BBC's brand new iPlayer on PS3, but not Xbox

The BBC's Daniel Danker has told TechRadar that he would love to see the iPlayer finally making it onto the Xbox 360.

Danker, general manager for programmes and on demand, was speaking as the BBC rolled out the brand new HTML 5 iPlayer which will make its debut on the Sony PlayStation 3.

The iPlayer has been a huge hit as a feature on the PS3 – providing 6 million programme views, second only to Virgin Media's offering in terms of set top box iPlayer views.

No agreement

Despite this, no agreement has been found between Microsoft and the BBC to put the iPlayer on the Xbox 360, with suggestions that restrictions on changing the look and feel, and the desire to make it available only to paid subscribers have stalled talks.

"I don't know that you're talking about," joked Danker, when TechRadar asked if it was frustrating to not be on all games console.

Love to be

"We want to be on as many devices as possible. Of course we'd love to be on the Xbox because we want to get the iPlayer to as many licence payers as possible, which is pretty much everyone in the UK.

"We want to be on the cheapest level that you can have on Xbox, and not only for [Xbox Live] Gold subscribers."

The BBC's latest iPlayer for Smart TVs and set top boxes offers an overhauled user interface and is designed to bring iPlayer use into the mass market.[/quote]


I think you know my feelings on the subject, most of you have seen my sig before - but its not a workable solution for everyone. At least Auntie hasn't given up on te idea, but will MS ever bend on this?


In b4 the "I have"s show up!


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While I personally would prefer the BBC to stay as far away from me and my console as possible it's a pretty stupid thing to argue about. The fact that the PS3 already has it means that by not having it miscrosoft are putting themselves at a disadvantage, although I guess the need for them to justify gold is increasing, but doing so with something which is free by other means (including their main rival) isn't much in the way of justification.

Will MS bend? Eventually I would expect. The BBC won't, and the Xbox needs iPlayer more than iPlayer needs Xbox.


(Actually MS just concentrate on this damn site, I don't know how many attempts it took to post this).

Nothing on the bbc is worth watching its all trash.

The Wii has had iPlayer on it for at least a couple of years! If I watch anything on iPlayer I watch it on that these days.

Never going to happen cos ms are to greedy and want only gold members to have it

We already have sky, and I don't even use that... what happened to consoles being consoles? honestly this multi-media business is endless.

Id like to see iPlayer on the xbox, HAving these features on the PS3 is the only reason i keep it around.

Ill'd like to see it on xbox and also blue ray on xbox. thats the only reason i have a ps3. Plus for games that aint on xbox like mgs4/ uncharted/ killzone/ resistance.

ITV is hoping to have ITV Player on the Xbox in the future

this is madness

Microsoft need to remember that everyone in the UK has already paid for the iPlayer and limiting it Gold Subscribers is in a way charging for it twice.

No harm will come with an iplayer on an xbox and MS will have a lot of happy customers on their hands. Its a no brainer really...but then we are dealing with actual people with NO brains making these rubbish decisions.

Also...why is there not an APP store on xbox...

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