Battlefield Hardline

is it worth playing? not much for multi player, prefer single player campaign.


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If you love Bartlefield avoid this game. It's a shell of a game and a step backwards for the Franchise.

I would say all BF Games are for or about the MP. Sure Hardline (along with BF3, BF4) have a Single Player Campaign but they for the most part are a one time play-through. I would not pick up BF Hardline for the SP. I played the Beta for a while and it is on the fun side but it also does lack in a lot of what BF is in BF4 or even BF3.

There is of course and exception to BF being mostly MP Games or exclusively played for the MP. BF Bad Company had an excellent SP and some of the best Characters. Hardline will be forgotten in it's SP and even MP by next year. Get it if you want but I would say at least wait until it is dirt cheap at about $9 (US).

I bought this game and have regretted it ever since. The single-player, while good, lagged something fierce (and that was single-player!). The multiplayer is nearly impossible to play due to constantly bad spawns - you can barely take a few steps before getting killed (I can't even tell you how many times I've actually spawned directly in front of at least 6 enemies, all looking at me - it's a veritable firing squad). IMO, a game that doesn't let you play it isn't a game worth owning at all. Skip this one unless you're a die-hard BF fan.

Loved BF4, so played the beta for Hardline aaaand yeah, RippenHarra is right, it's a step in the wrong direction for Battlefield.

It's Battlefield with a different theme.

If any Battlefield game has taken a step backwards (for me) it's BF4. Crybabies combined with social media crippled the game.

Anyway BFH is fun and as a gamer, that should be the focus.

I really enjoyed the SP campaign in Hardline. I'm not much for the MP but I thought it wasn't bad.

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I played the Beta and didn't enjoy it so I'm just waiting for it to be free in EA Access I won't be forking out any hard earned on it!!

Battlefield: Hardline is mediocre all around, the campaign had some bright moments but I wouldn't waste my time playing it again. If you MUST play it, rent it.

I like that idea - rent it 1st to see for yourself, then decide whether or not to buy it. ;)

Thanks everyone for your responses. I may rent it on Gamefly.