Battlefield Hardline Frame Rate Issues

So I've had Battlefield Hardline (BFH) since it came out in March and have played it nearly everyday. About 3 weeks ago it began lagging terribly for me..It's not lag due to connection it's more of a frame rate type lag. It's choppy and glitchy and mostly only happens on larger servers with 64 players like conquest large and TDM. It especially gets worse during high action moments like grenades blowing up buildings and stuff. Now my question is, is this related to my xbox possibly overheating and causing a reduction in video graphics processing to prevent further damage or is this an issue common amongst BFH? None of my other friends are havin this problem which leads me to believe the xbox one may be overheating and is unable to handle the graphic demand of the game. My xbox one is well ventilated and I sprayed it with air duster about a week ago..It runs every other game smooth just not battlefield hardline. When I feel the top of the xbox its pretty when you're holding a hot pizza box. Just wondering if anyone else is having issues or if I should send it in for a repair?


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