Battlefield, CoD or dead rising?

Which one should I get?

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I'd vote Dead Rising but I'm not a huge FPS fan ;).

out of bf4 and cod i think bf4 is a much more beautiful game, still doesn't come close to pc though imo. however i have ghosts/bf4 and i think ghosts multiplayer is smoother atm. bf4 is just soooooooooooooooo buggy. however the gamemodes are epic, it does run great once oyu're in a game however it's hard to get groups with your friends going. all in all i think cod is the better bet yet i find myself fighting through bf4's bugs bc of the level floodzone!!!! feel free to friend me for either.

cods campaign was more fun to me then battlefields...great visuals.

Battlefield is the better game but its a little broken atm. Ghosts just doesn't feel like cod imo.

Never really liked dead rising so no point in critiquing a game I never got into.

I'd go with DR3, it has good co op and single player, I think it's a better demonstration of what the x1 can do, smartglass integration, voice kinect controls(although a little buggy) , and it's just a slaughter feet of killing zombies!

Edit: I have bf4 and dr3, I like dr3 more

Ghosts is horribly designed and feels NOTHING like what made the COD series great.  Battlefield 4 though a much better game is notorious for bugs and server errors even after the latest patch.  Dead Rising has it's own problems but they are no where near as rampant.  

Dr3 is insanely fun to play but if your into fps go with bf4. Even with bugs bf4 is better than ghost IMO. Infinity ward screwed up with ghosts hopefully treyarch does a better job next year.

Once BF4 fixes all the bugs and errors.... it is a MUCH better game than COD.... But that is just my opinion.. if you want a run as fast as you can around a track shooting things.. then go COD...  if you want a team work based... hop into a heli.. bail out only to land behind an engi repairing a tank.. to take his tags, take the tank and get a road kill... well.... COD doesnt have those moments...

As for DR3...  I do not have it yet...

Get COD now, Battlefield down the road.  The bugs are insane right now.  Dead Rising is fun as well, but I think that's a personal choice as they're obviously very different games.

Battlefield 4.