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Whenever I load my brand new battlefield 4 disk in my brand new xbox 360e I get this pop up screen: "A content installation that will ensure optimal quality and gameplay is required to play battlefield 4. This requires an xbox 360 hard drive and 2GB of free space" However when I hit ok and select console memory device, the dashboard pops up and says "The game only permits installing HD content the xbox 360 hard drive" ?? I'm confused, the console memory is the only device I have and it has more then the 2GB required available?? Help

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Confused alright, this is the xboxone forum.

Battlefield 4 will only work with the hard drive. It will not work with memory cards or on board storage in some of those arcade versions. This is the Xbox one forum but I still wanted to help you out.

Sounds like you do not have enough mem for that game....  isnt the 360E a dumbed down version.. with less ports and less everything??? BF4 is a VERY taxing game and needs 100% of the power the 360 puts out... and I am talking about the OG 360.. the smaller version you have will most likely catch on fire on metro