battlefield 4 smartglass problem

Ok so i just up graded to a WP8 and the smartglass works fine on everything.
apart from the companion app for bf4.
when the game starts it just says unable to connect check your on the same network as your xbox one?
could this be because i have my xbox one hard wired and smart glass on wifi
anybody else had this problem and found a fix?


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As far as I'm aware (not tried it in a while), the BF4 smartglass doesn't do anything with phones (I've got a WP8 too)... it's a tablet only thing, same goes for RYSE.

I'll try it again later though.

The companion on my Galaxy S 3 gives me a full map of the battlefield showing troop movement etc.

Is kinda useful.

Is that smartglass or the battelog companion app Doc?

Smartglass mate.

Ah ok its not like i would use it as the screen is too small really.

So the tablet thing would make sense but if doc has had it going on his phone.

Probably because galaxys not a windows phone lol that's why its smartglass app works same on iphone i bet

I'll check it again later Skunk and let you know.... unless someone else with a WP8 has tried it recently and chimes in with a response.

Fairplay buddy:)