battlefield 4 save game

has anyone had a problem with loosing there campaign progress on xbox 1?? got about half way through it and when i came to play it yesterday i had lost everything?


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Its a known problem mate. Thought it had been patched now though?

^It was suppose to have been fixed now mate but I still see quite a few reporting it since the latest update.

As said it was meant to of been patched but going by reports it is still happening on both systems. I have already lost my progress on both systems twice so am going to hang on a while longer till they patch it properly.

Guess I was lucky - managed to sail through the campaign without any issues whatsoever.

Did you play any multiplayer during the time you played the campaign? As I was only doing a level then playing lots of multiplayer then going back to do another level maybe a few days later. The save was fine until I got a crash during multiplayer then it would wipe it.

Can't remember to be honest, might have played one game of MP but that would have been all. Maybe it is connected to that?

^ I know there were reports saying you can lose SP progress if the game crashes whilst playing MP but I've seen quite a few people saying they have still had issues and they have never played MP.

I said before I played through it twice with no issues (dashboarded once on first play) but I did not touch the MP at all.  

done a complete sit thru on both 360 / one ... its not that long tbh ... just have a break and go back to it, but yeah its annoying if you want to go back and replay a certain mission !

Played the Ghosts campaign last night and it's soooooooooo much better!