Battlefield 4 cool feature on XB1

Haven't been online all day sorry if this is a repost.  But when you are near a corner, if you lean your head in real life your character peeks out.


Now that is a great not over the top way to use Kinect in a real game.  I find myself doing that sometimes anyway, perfect use of this functionality...



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what happens when I lean forward t grab my beer???       LOL Jking  seriously tho....  some great voice activated things to come as well.. AMMO HEALTH grenade... commander mode by voice only...  and this is only the start

I hate to see what happens when my dogs start barking while I play.

I'm wondering what happens when I lay down on my side?

Yeah i like this feature too. I also find myself doing this when I play some games so it should feel pretty natural.

I can see it being cool in SP, but not gonna work in MP

your dog barking will have no bearing on gameplay.. the voice control  is directional towards the held controller...