Battlefield 3 Noob Question

Hello everypeeps Hapy New Year and all that yada

Is there any way I can set up a private map just for me on Battlefield 3, I'm not being  anti social I just want to learn to fly a helicopter or plane. In a live game I tend to **** on take off because i'm Cr@p, but if i do get 2 cm of the ground i'm shot down while in the process of crashing.


Are there any other old gits out there that are as cr@p as me at playing, i'm usually dead meat to some wippersnapper that can shoot the **** of a gnat whilst i'm adjusting my glasses!


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There is no private match in Battlefield 3.

There is a co-op mission for the helicopter, however you need another person to be the gunner but it's random who will be the pilot/ gunner so you may need to restart the misson a few times.

There is no jet mission (apart from the single player one which your the gunner) so you'll have to either look around for jet tutorials or practice.

If you hit the pause button the controls are detailed there.


(I wouldn't wait to be in the match to do this)


You'll see the layout for Helicopters, Jets and Tanks alike.


Hope that helps.



What Az says is true.... however it still doesn't help you get better. I can fly choppers but not jets.


Only advice I can give when flying a  chopper is fly in 3rd person view to get used to it. Don't go mad on  the joysicks move them slowly. When Im flying in low or hovering over an enemy base I only use the right thumb stick which basically moves the chopper in a 360 motion, it doesn't mess with the tilt. I fly with both buttons and joysicks in default setting.


Also while flying a chopper bring it to the highest it will go and then quickly go into the menu and change the controls, that way you can mess with the fly settings and trial whilst in game.

OP - How do you think we have all learnt to fly Chopper/Jets ?? just like u we have had to crash and burn ... hey i'm still crashing and burning after 139 hrs of playing BF3 ... only just not as much !! ..

Just get on with it and learn don't be afraid of the haters !

Watch 'Top Gun' and go from there.

[quote user="Praetorian VIII"]

Watch 'Top Gun' and go from there.



Don't let the secret out!!!.  Sorry next time I will turn the soundtrack down when I play this game.LOL-" I feel the need, the need for speed"


On Topic- Mukka you're best off flying when in a pukka game--gives you more practice dodging the stingers etc. And if it helps I can't fly these blooming jets or choppers- Crash and burn as a new meaning to me.  Best of luck what ever you do...............

Could be worse Mac, you could have been in the helicopter our 'Big bro' was flying last night!!!!!!!!!!!

Tis true though, practice makes perfect. Just don't let your friends fly with you until you've cracked it. You'll NEVER live it down!

I suck with all air vehicles, I can get so many kills with a Tank, but once I enter a Helicopter my hands turn to jelly and ironically I'm not old!

A newcomer is hosed anyways, you earn upgrades for scoring points while in the helis/jets. Someone who has played for a decent while will have stealth, heatseekers and IR flares so a newb will just take off and be shot down in seconds

Didn't really think that one through did ya DICE?

FiniteRich - you could apply the above to any situation though really? I'm also sure it doesn't take very long to get IR flares on the choppers. Plus if anything the stingers have been weakened the last patch.

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