Battlefield 3 MP

Is with out a doubt brought the FPS multiplayer up another level since cod 4, by far the biggest improvement since cod 4!!!!! Weld done dice and ea!!!


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I 'Personally' think the multiplayer on this is outstanding, reminds me of the enjoyment I had playing games like Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon, sure I know not everyone will agree but for me this is the best online shooter in years.

The game certainly gives future releases a run for their gamers, but BF3 still needs work. I still encounter clipping issues and lag spikes that will send me jumping back 20 feet and then 40 feet forward into a wall instantly killing me.....still a great game, but improvements needed on stupid graphical glitches that should have been fixed post-beta.

It's all rather brilliant. Haven't had much time on the MP yet but really enjoyed the little I've done. Loving the SP campaign to be honest - the sound and graphics are amazing.

Loving all of it. only complaints is the servers and trying to join a game as a large party and searching for friends.    Gullen "keep it foolish"  Trashbat.


this game is AMAZING!

One thing I hate. Some people who play it. On rush instead of attacking the base they just go for kills, dont bother going for the objective, its extremely annoying.

Does anyone get a bit of lag sometimes aswell online? Or is it only me.

Same here Pengy, i'm hoping it's EA's standard launch week server *** ups and that the connection issues will ease up in after the first couple of weeks.