Battlefield 3-is it worth it?

Greetings! Is BF3 worth it or should i pass my pre-order over to MW3??


Apologies if this has been asked already.


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If you've liked previous Battlefield games then I'd say this is a must buy! best one I have played in my honest opinion!


If you haven't played Battlefield before then at the very least I'd urge you to rent it and give it a go before deciding.

Absoutely, At first I was skeptical about this but now after watching live streams of this, this looks very good.

In all honesty BF3 is fairly similar to CoD. There are more maps with no vehicles then there are with vehicles for one example.

Still is a fantastic game & I would recommend it!

Skeptical... I don't think thats the right word for how negative you have been towards a game you haven't even played yet!!!

Jst got the sainsbury deal with this. Op i would say pick it up and if you dont like it trade it against mw3 when its out.

Its not worth it i got it yesterday and i still cant play it online. Servers suck.

Yes...but only if your getting it for the MP.

White ops did you set the server filter to include full servers as well. I had to join a full server & wait in a queue. Didnt have to wait long to join though. Saying that someone told me its shiifted 10m copies so the servers will be taking a pounding this weekend.

Na i was just trying metro on rush quick matches.

I don't know what to say about this.

People said Caspian Border was a great map. It's just a big empty field. Empty being the key word.

How can you tell if you have the HD textures working? I have them loaded, but they don't seem very HD to me!

[quote user="TBWz White Ops"]

Its not worth it i got it yesterday and i still cant play it online. Servers suck.



The servers have been fine for what I've played today.




I know I had a few issues last night joining games but once I was in it was ok.Typical EA though, never seem to get the launch right but as usual give it a week or so and it should be ok.